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Acting Up An Actress Manager Lust Story review feature

Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story review

Women love women in a story that is short, sexy, and fun

Acting Up - An Actress x Manager Lust Story cover
Release Date
February 14, 2021
Irodori Sakura
Story and Art
Mercedes McGarry
Compiled and Formatted
Quality Assurance
On Takahashi/Zhuchka

Please note that Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story is an 18+ title. COVID-19 has made things rough for everyone. Forced to stay indoors, how does one pass the time? Well, if you’re a young, sexy, up-and-coming address, and you live with your slightly older (but just as sexy) manager, and you really can’t go anywhere…well, there are only so many diversions. Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story is a yuri hentai doujin created by Ayane and published by Irodori Sakura.


Arina Acting Up - An Actress x Manager Lust Story

Arina Shima

An actress whose star is rising, however, her workload has temporarily dried up during the pandemic.

Kazumi Yamamura

Arina’s manager and caretaker, Kazumi puts Arina’s career above everything else.

A lust story

The story begins with Arina giving a TV interview from her house, a typical sight during the pandemic. She does the interview in front of her bookcase, which is full of books with innocent titles, except for one: a monster girl lesbian hentai title named “A Heroine’s Isekai Monster Wives Harem”.

Kazumi is furious. She admonishes her young charge, telling her that she has to be careful what is in frame while she’s interviewed at home. Then, it gets deeper. Being a lesbian is terrible for your career, Kazumi says, and gives a list of reasons why. At the end, she says, “you are NOT allowed to be gay!” Not allowed to be gay? But… isn’t this yuri hentai?

Eat these boobs Acting Up - An Actress x Manager Lust Story cover
Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story spoilers

Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story spoilers

To make up for it, Kazumi tells Arina that, as a treat, she can eat whatever she wants instead of counting calories. Arina takes that as an invitation to jump between Kazumi’s breasts. As it turns out, Arina is in love with her manager. Kazumi is resistant at first – after all, she thinks being gay is a no-no for Arina’s career – but she quickly gives in, and what follows is page after page of intense lesbian sex.

Interestingly, the author manages to develop both characters throughout the rest of the story. Using dialogue, flashbacks, and unexpected breaks in the action. A story could have been pure porn gets a very human touch.

The art of Acting Up

The non-sexy art is well done. Both Arina and Kazumi are well-drawn, with facial expressions and physiques that fit their personalities well. The sex scenes will be hot for some but a turn off for others. Body parts are a bit exaggeratedly drawn, and there’s a lot of sweat, spit, and bodily fluid flying around. Some love that kind of art; others hate it; I’m somewhere in the middle.

Is “Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story” worth reading?

Yes, as long as yuri hentai is what you want to read. This is a doujinshi, which means it is independently published and extremely short. The whole story runs twenty-three pages. But it is twenty-three well-done pages, with characters who are surprisingly well-developed (no pun intended) for the length of the story.

Your mileage may vary with the sex scenes. I didn’t love the art at first, but after reading it several times (ahem), it definitely grew on me.Yuri is love, yuri is life, and this doujin is a quick, fun taste of the good stuff.

You can get Acting Up: An Actress x Manager Lust Story directly from Irodori Sakura.

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