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April 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading feature

April 2021 manga releases worth reading

What's new in the world of Manga this month?

Spring has arrived, and the brighter weather gives us all a good reason to enjoy some light reading! Luke here to guide you through the latest manga drops from all the big publishers for April. Don’t be fooled; there’s plenty of good titles to try out this month! Here are my suggestions for April 2021 manga releases worth reading!

Viz Media April manga releases

My Hero Academia volume 27

MY HERO ACADEMIA VOLUME 27 cover April 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading

My Hero Academia is currently flying high! With the recent return of the Shōnen superhero smash hit to the small screen with season 5 of the anime, now is the perfect time to catch up on the manga in advance! The war of the Pro Heroes and UA students against the Paranormal Liberation Front finally comes to a head. Not everyone is getting out of this one unscathed! This arc has been very well received by fans reading week to week, so now volume readers will finally be able to get in on the action (and heartbreak!) for themselves. Rally the troops for battle when it drops on April 6th!

An Incurable Case of Love volume 7

AN INCURABLE CASE OF LOVE 7 cover April Manga Releases Worth Reading

Book me in for one last appointment! This steamy Shojo romance has been one of Antonio’s favourites and a title I’ve had a lot of fun with too. The final volume has arrived and with it the end of our Valiant One’s passionate fling with manga Dr McDreamy!? We’ve seen plenty of twists and turns in the blossoming romance between Nanase and Tendo so far, but now family drama threatens to tear Tendo out of Nanase’s grip for good. What’s a love-stricken nurse to do? Hold on for heart fluttering when it drops on April 6th!

Call of the Night volume 1

CALL OF THE NIGHT VOLUME 1 April 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading

But who will answer it? This Supernatural romance comes from Weekly Shōnen Sunday, the same magazine that’s home to the adorable Komi Can’t Communicate. This title appears to be decidedly less wholesome, instead opting for a more moody and… hungry approach to love. Bored high-schooler Ko gets more than he bargained for when a nighttime stroll turns into an encounter with the bitey kind as Night Walker Nazuna enters his life. How do you handle love when it comes with a bad case of the munchies? Learn to keep a stricter sleep schedule when it drops on April 13th!

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Kodansha April manga releases

Girlfriend, Girlfriend volume 1

GIRLFRIEND GIRLFRIEND VOLUME 1 cover April 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading

Everything in moderation! High Schooler Naoya thinks he’s got it all with his new girlfriend Saki-chan, but when he ends up falling for the cute Nagisa, it turns out he lacks in the fidelity department! Naoya concocts the galaxy brain concept that two girlfriends are better than one and proposes that the trio live together in a love triangle that surely won’t become problematic whatsoever. Kodansha has been on a role recently with new titles from Weekly Shōnen Magazine, but will this first volume impress as much as Blue Lock did? Make up your mind when it drops on April 6th! Future editor here! You can find out what we thought in our Girlfriend, Girlfriend volume 1 review!

A School Frozen in Time volume 1

A SCHOOL FROZEN IN TIME VOLUME 1 cover Manga Releases Worth Reading 2021

If I could turn back time?! This debut has perhaps the most intriguing premise of the month. Two childhood friends make their way to school only to find themselves and their classmates trapped in a school stuck in the past. Specifically, the clocks have been turned back to the moment a fellow student committed suicide three months ago, though none of the class can remember quite who it was. Their only escape is to solve the mystery, and no doubt, stumble upon some emotional revelations along the way. The concept reminds me of the time-turning thriller Erased, so I have high hopes for this one. Stop the clocks when it drops on April 6th!
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Blue Period volume 3


Painting my kind of picture! Blue Period has soared to the top ranks of my favourite series in just two volumes, and it shows no signs of stopping there! With college entrance exams closing in on Yatora and his artistically inclined pals, the pressure is on to craft a truly unique piece. Our novice painter will have to combine everything he’s learned along with his eccentricities to stand out among the experts. With an anime set to launch later this year, this artsy Seinen is sure to make a vibrant splash. After all, it’s got a whole colour wheel to work with! Have your brushes cleaned when it drops on April 27th!
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Yen Press April manga releases

After-School Hanako-kun

AFTER-SCHOOL HANAKO-KUN VOLUME 1 cover April Manga Releases Worth Reading

School’s out, ghosts in! This delightfully charming supernatural series has been a sleeper hit for me ever since volume 1, but with this new spin-off title, perhaps it’s more hit than sleeper! Hanako, Yashiro and the rest of the quirky gang investigating the seven wonders of Kamone Academy already have a great back-and-forth banter between themselves. A volume dedicated to that alone with some out of classroom shenanigans sounds like a winner to me! Get into the spirit of things when it drops on April 27th!
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I’m the Catlord’s Manservant volume 1


What a catastrophe! High Schooler Yukihara got a bad shake at life, orphaned and dumped with the sizeable debt of his dearly departed. Sound a bit grim? Never fear, as his new home and its owner gives him a chance to wipe the slate clean, as long as he doesn’t mind emptying a litterbox or two! Do you like to watch cute cat vids when you’re down? Imagine living in a house full of them! I’m sure Yukihara will forget all about his bereavement and money troubles faster than you can say “is that a hairball or something else?”. Bust out the catnip when it drops on April 27th!
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Sex Ed 120% volume 1

SEX-ED 120% VOLUME 1 cover April 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading

They’re definitely flunking this one! A coming of age that covers exactly what it says on the title. Tsuji-Sensei’s students are clueless about the birds and the bees, so she’s on a one-woman mission to teach all the proper do’s and don’ts where modern Sexual Education is sorely lacking. Set up as Cells at Work meets O Maidens in Your Savage Season. This series intends to inform and entertain, with a zany cast that includes a BL fanatic and a cat lover who would put Yukihara to shame, expect plenty of chuckles along the way. Get schooled when it drops on April 27th!
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Seven Seas April manga releases

Harukana Receive volume 7

HARAKUNO RECEIVE VOLUME 7 cover April 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading

Team-up trouble! The latest volume of the Beach Volleyball bonanza is here with a twist on the familiar formula. Leading ladies Haruka and Kanata switch things up for the next tournament, each pairing with one of the Thomas twins! Sibling rivalry is about to have a whole new layer of meaning! This female-driven Sports title isn’t as fanservice laden as you might imagine considering the circumstances and is well worth giving a shot. Spike it high when it drops on April 13th!
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Superwomen in love! Honey Trap and Rapid Rabbit volume 1


Smitten for a Villain! Superheroes are no stranger to manga these days, but this title breaks through to uncharted territory with the simple yet profound question: “What if they had a crush on each other?”. The nefarious Honey Trap has the heroine Rapid Rabbit dead to rights until her helmet is unmasked, and it’s love at first sight! This unlikely duo has to contend with supervillain friends turned foes alongside the first date jitters. This promises to be a Yuri series with a cute couple that packs a punch! Gear up for love when it drops on April 20th!

Blue Giant Omnibus volume 3-4

BLUE GIANT OMNIBUS VOLUME 3-4 cover Manga Releases Worth Reading 2021

Ya like jazz? This music-themed Seinen has made quite the name for itself already, and we’re just getting this show on the road! While I’ve yet to crack open the first omnibus, I’m sure this passionate series will have me just as enthralled as I am with Blue Period in short order. If it’s got blue in the title, you can’t go wrong! With the school festival fast approaching, Dai prepares to put his sax to the test in front of a crowd who aren’t too concerned with music from the soul. Will his solo jazz have the right pizazz? Snap your fingers when it drops on April 20th!

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Kaiten Books April manga releases

My Dad’s the Queen of All VTubers?! volume 2


OK Boomer! What’s worse than having the biggest streaming sensation for a Dad? A Mom who can’t get any views on her channel! Every day is just another step closer for bedraggled high schooler Takashi to cut every fiberoptic cable he can find in his home. Kaiten Books has a stellar lineup of offbeat titles, and this quirky comedy with a 21st-century twist is among them. Hit them with a super chat when it drops on April 2nd!
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You can check out Kaiten Books’ most recent releases in their update blog!

That’s just some of the latest releases dropping in April, but there are many more April 2021 manga releases that are worth reading. Sound off in the comments with what you’re looking forward to and what you want us to check out next!

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