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If I Could Meet You volume 2 feature

If I Could Reach You volume 2 review

Love is a multifaceted enigma

If I Could Meet You volume 2 cover
Release Date
November 26, 2019
Story & Art
Jennifer Skarupa
Dianna Taylor

With a melancholic ending to the If I Could Reach You volume 1, the stage is set for an emotional ride for our protagonist Uta. To my surprise, the focus has shifted away from her but is that necessarily a bad thing? If I Could Reach You is a yuri manga series written by tMnR. It is licensed and published in English by Kodansha Comics. It is currently available in both a physical and digital format. Let’s find out if If I Could Reach You volume 2 is worth reading?

If I Could Meet You volume 2 characters

Switching Lanes

Storywise, the same elements are carried over from before. We still see Uta struggling to cope with feelings for her sister in law Kaoru. However, in an unexpected turn of events, that takes a backseat to add developments to other characters. I like the way that this volume is structured. Both the beginning and end have Kaoru in the spotlight, and we get to see more of her character.

With Uta taking most of the panels previously, it is nice to see more of Kaoru. You get a sense of what kind of person she is. With Reiichi (Kaoru’s husband and Uta’s brother) being absent for work and Uta attempting to distance herself from Karou, loneliness is a struggle that is beginning to creep up on her.

Too Grown Up

If I Could Reach You volume 2 spoilers

Touching upon the fact that Reiichi is absent for much of the story, some things had their foundation set up in Volume 1. An interesting idea that I was keeping my eye on was a conversation that Karou had with her friends in the previous volume. Long story short, it revolved around the idea; could Reiichi would be the type to cheat? The notion was quickly shot down. Cut to the end of If I Could Reach You volume 2 and we find that he is not really on a business trip but rather with another woman.

This leaves Kaoru shocked and falling down a set of stairs and also leaving us, the readers with a cliffhanger that could have some huge ramifications down the line. I don’t think it will be entirely as cut and dry as the situation seems. But for now, I like this payoff for something that might slip by unnoticed.

The real bulk and emotional weight, for now, falls on Uta’s friend Chloe. She really is the voice of reason for Uta, delivering advice with a deadpan expression that I love. Here she finds herself out of her element, as she is also struggling with her feelings for someone else. I think this is the primary reason why I am not bothered that Uta’s arc has taken a backseat because the development that Chloe gets here makes her my favourite character so far in the story. At such an early point in the series this might be a bit early to say but who knows.

What is love to you?

If I Could Meet You volume 2 characters 2

Now, as I have previously mentioned, it is Chloe and her relationship with a new character Miyabi that gets put on the forefront. Their dynamic is a juxtaposition of their characters. Chloe is much more reserved, serious and mysterious than Miyabi, who is more open and approachable. Based on this, the fact that they are dating is unexpected. They’re not a couple who work together and on the surface, they shouldn’t.

Their relationship is based on the fact that Chloe is a hot mess and she needs someone to help keep her on that track. That role falls to Miyabi. Chloe isn’t too keen on the idea of love as she has become disillusioned. This is due to what she has lived through with her parents. Chloe is with Miyabi is because she needs her and Chloe acknowledges that this is selfish. It could be labeled as a toxic relationship but under the cold front that Chloe puts up, you can see that she actually cares for Miyabi past these selfish reasons. In some ways, it’s endearing as much as it can be unapologetically honest.

The idea that you may have feelings for someone not based on romance. But, on the fact that you selfishly need them is quite a powerful statement. I love this idea because we are getting different ideas of what love can be or turn into. You have Uta and her unrequited love and now Chloe with her idea of selfish love.

It may force you to reevaluate some of your notions on the reasons why you love someone or something. Is it because your feelings are reciprocated, or because you need something from them that isn’t tied to emotions? I want to see more ideas like this introduced in further volumes with different characters. Everyone will have a different way of interpreting love based on their experiences. Give me more multifaceted ideas and perspectives on what it means to love someone.

love is emotional and physical

Is If I Could Reach You volume 2 worth reading?

Only two volumes in, If I Could Reach You has become one of the top mangas that I look forward to on release day. Despite the focus shift, this volume manages to continue the great tone and pace that was previously set. I’ve seen some comments that perhaps the pace is too slow; however, for what the mangaka is playing with, it suits the story well.

I may also be a bit biased since I gravitate more towards the side characters but it was great seeing some unexpected development for Chloe. Lastly, with such an exciting cliffhanger closing out this volume, I’m quite curious to see where it will go next. Overall, if you enjoyed the first volume there is a high chance you will also have a good time with this one.

If you’ve enjoyed our If I Could Reach You volume 2 review. And, you’ve been thinking about picking this title up, you can read the review for volume 1 here and get caught up.

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