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Is Mitama Security: Spirit Busters worth reading?

Is it spectre-tacular new comedy or ghoulishly unfunny?

Release Date
September 1, 2019
Story & Art
Tsurun Hatomune
Viz Media

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see ghosts? I would think it’s terrifying, but not high schooler Rena. To her it’s just a day to day occurrence, it’s the norm and very boring. When Secureity Agent Mitama shows up, life and death get a little more spirited. Is Mitama Security: Spirit Busters worth reading? We read the first 6 chapters to see what it’s all about.

Mitama Security: Spirit Busters is a new weekly comedy series featured in Shōnen Jump. Currently available in English through Viz Media’s website and mobile app (where you can read the first and last 3 chapters for free).

Mitama shakes hands with a ghost

Written and drawn by Tsurun Hatomune, who’s only work I could find online was a Mukidashi no Hakuchou aka A Naked Swan. Mukidashi no Hakuchou was published in Shounen Jump + so it looks like the mangaka has made the jump over from the app to the flagship magazine. Hopefully this is a good sign of things to come.

Mitama Security’s unique selling point is that each chapter is written as a different Manga genre


Mitama Security - Ghosts are a fact of life

High School student Rena Haze has a unique body chemistry that attracts spirits. Over time Rena accumulated a line of spirts following her that rivals the most popular Ramen joints. The ghosts are something she’s accustomed too, having the rare talent of spirit sight. To her it’s just a fact of life, until she meets Joh Mitama.

Mitama is a Secureity Agent, rei being Japanese for ghost or spirit. Highly trained, athletic and and oozing natural talent. The perfect Shōnen counter for Rena’s problem. The ghost hunters only weakness, he’s terrified of ghosts. As you would expect, comedy ensues.

Delightfully absurd

Luckily for Mitama, he does have one ace up his sleeve. When he cries, he’s able to overcome his fears and unleash his natural abilities. That’s bad news for all the spirits hanging around.

Although amusing at first, the jokes would get tired pretty quick. Mitama Security’s unique selling point is that each chapter is written as a different Manga genre. By adding these popular tropes with a ghoulish twist, breathes new life into the script and keeps the jokes coming.

Minor Mitama Security Spoilers

In Chapter 2, titled Slam! In which our hero Mitama accompanies Rena to High School, which is rumoured to have a haunted gym. If the chapter title didn’t give it away, you’ll soon see which popular Shōnen series it aping.

Mitama Security Slam Dunk

Chapter 3, Cooking, is all about Cowboys… no, it’s about Cooking. Rena, like most High School students isn’t the best chef. But her foul curry lures an undead chef to her apartment. The only way to defeat such spirit, but feeding it pure psychic energy cooked into an amazing meal…

Along the way we are introduced to Soya, Mitama’s rival from the Secureity Academy. Equally talented and not afraid of ghosts! It’s a shame he has no spirit sense, so is blind to all the ghosts following Rena. The inclusion if Soya is a welcome one even if it’s more a set up for jokes, and does not really move the plot along.


Mitama Security Car Flip

The character designs of Mitama and Soya are great and in keeping with the series, absolutely nuts. Mitama is like a white suited James Bond with a hair style resembling soft serve ice cream (or a sperm if you’re feeling cruel). Soya looks like a charming and attractive heartthrob… crossed with a half crazed magician. His flowing cape and over the top trident are perfect.

Ghosts designs are rather basic but where they have one excellent feature. Shaded grey, when you turn to a new page they really pop off the page. I like how the featured ghost of the chapter always looks distinct, so you generally don’t get them mixed up with the other spirits.

Panel to panel, the art is pedestrian. There is a lot of dialogue though, so the low detail actually helps keep the pace going along at a good speed. Every so often there is a nicely detailed panel, Hatomune can draw well when the pacing allows.

Is Mitama Security: Spirit Busters worth reading?

Mitama Security Secureity Risk

From these story examples above you can see that Mitama Security: Spirit Busters lives in a completely off the wall world. You want to read the next chapter, not because the story is gripping, but because you want to see just how absurd it will get. Based on the first 6 chapters, I’d recommend it as a time filler or as a series to dip in and out off. I hope it continues on, but I couldn’t see myself picking up a physical copy Mitama Security: Spirit Busters.

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