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Is Two-Timing Fair and Square worth reading feature

Is Two-Timing Fair and Square worth reading?

Two waifus are better than one.

Is Two Timing Fair and Square worth reading
Release Date
December 14, 2019
Irodori Aqua
Story & Art
Ed Ayes
Mercedes McGarry
Quality Assurance
Charles Wilson and Joseph Barr

Is it possible to be in love with two cute girls at the same time? For one boy, that answer is definitely yes. But is it possible to be with both of them without cheating? That’s what the rom-com doujin Two-Timing Fair and Square tries to find out. You can get the English release from Irodori Aqua. But is Two-Timing Fair and Square worth reading?


Naoya - Is Two Timing Fair and Square worth reading


A high schooler with a problem most boys his age would kill to have. 

Tomomi - Is Two Timing Fair and Square worth reading


A girl with a big-time crush on Naoya. 

Saki - Is Two Timing Fair and Square worth reading


Naoya’s childhood friend and longtime girlfriend. 

I like you - Is Two Timing Fair and Square worth reading


The story begins as a very nervous Tomomi confesses her feelings to Naoya. Unfortunately for Tomomi, Naoya already has a girlfriend. It looks like he’s about to reject her, but then he gets a better idea: why not ask his girlfriend for permission to date Tomomi as well? After all, it’s not cheating if everyone agrees, right? Tomomi is up for it, so they go to find Saki. But how will Naoya get his girlfriend to agree to such a crazy idea?

Two-Timing Fair and Square spoilers

Two-Timing Fair and Square spoilers

Naoya doesn’t ask for permission right away. Instead, he suggests that the three of them hang out together. Saki, who is just as smitten with Tomomi’s cuteness as Naoya, quickly goes for it.

We learn that Tomomi is pretty much perfect. She’s excellent at karaoke, great at video games, and a fantastic cook. By the end of “date”, Saki is pretty much smitten with Tomomi (in a platonic way, of course).

This is where Naoya drops the bomb. He explains that Tomomi confessed to him in the morning and that, instead of rejecting her, he wants Saki’s permission to two-time with her. Saki responds by punching him in the stomach.

Saki is highly resistant to the idea of sharing her boyfriend with another girl. Still, after some intense pleading by both Naoya and Tomomi, she decides to try living in a three-person relationship for a week. Naoya quickly makes arrangements for the three of them to stay at his house (with no parents present) to maximize the time they can spend together. You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens next.

Super Cute Two Timing Fair and Square - Two Timing Fair and Square review


The art falls in the middle of the spectrum between ultra-realistic and exaggerated and fits the silly-yet-serious tone of the book very well. I think Two-Timing Fair and Square art is executed well; the facial expressions are priceless.

Saki punches Naoya - Two Timing Fair and Square review

Is Two-Timing Fair and Square worth reading? 

Absolutely. It’s one of my favourite doujins. It’s twice as long as a typical doujin (sixty pages to the usual thirty) but still feels too short, as you want to see what happens with these characters. It all hinges on Saki. Can she accept this addition to her life and make it work? 

I hope the author someday creates an answer, but until then, we’ll have to read and re-read this doujin and wonder what it’s like to Two-Timing Fair and Square

You can pick up Timing Fair and Square from direct from Irodori Aqua.

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