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March 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading feature

March 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading

What's new in the world of Manga this month?

Another Month, another stack of manga! Luke here to guide you through the latest manga drops from all the big publishers for March. We might have more time on our hands for reading these days, but what titles are worth said time and our hard-earned cash? With loads of titles in the March 2021 manga releases schedule, here are my suggestions for March Manga that’s worth reading!

Viz Media March manga releases

My Hero Academia Team-Up Missions volume 1

My Hero Academia Team-Up Missions Volume 1 cover March 2021 manga

Marvellous matchups! The Shōnen Superhero smash hit continues its domination of Manga shelf space across the world with yet another spin-off title! This time around, the heroes-in-training from Class 1-A will spread their wings and work with other heroes from My Hero Academia’s colorful supporting cast, from Pro Heroes to classmates in different courses! Mangaka Yoko Akiyama is a former assistant to main series mastermind Kohei Horikoshi, so you can bet they know their way around this Quirk-powered world! Suit up for Heroic shenanigans when it drops on March 2nd!

Dr. STONE Reboot: Byakuaya

Dr. STONE Reboot Byakuaya cover March 2021 manga releases

This manga is out of this world! Set as a prequel before Dr. STONE’s events, this single-volume story details the zero hour of the petrification event that turned the whole planet into a statue exhibition. Lead protagonist Senku’s old man, Byakuya, takes the spotlight this time around, as he and the crew of the ISS struggle to survive as the last humans standing in a stone world! The 9 chapter arc originally ran alongside the main series’ weekly publication in Weekly Shōnen Jump, but it also serves as a welcoming jumping on point for new readers. Blast off to new heights when it drops on March 2nd!

Beast Complex volume 1

Beast Complex volume 1 March manga releases

The Animal Kingdom sure is complicated! The first work of mangaka Paru Itagaki, before her main series Beastars launched. This volume anthology depicts a day in the lives of many of the animals outside of Cherrington Academy for a change, specifically their relationships with other animals from different kingdoms. Can a Tiger and a Beaver really be best buds? How might love work between a Camel and a Wolf? Itagaki has crafted a world brimming with social commentary potential in the main title, and this volume seems to be capitalizing on it. Take a walk on the wild side when it drops on March 16th!

You can check out the rest of Viz Media’s March releases here!

Kodansha Comics March manga releases

Star⇄Crossed!! volume 4

Star Crossed!! volume 4 march manga release

The final Freaky Friday! This kooky romantic comedy shojo series comes to an end this month, as crazy stan Azusa and helpless superstar Chikihashi finally get to the bottom of what’s causing all these wacky body-swapping blunders. This series featured as one of my picks in a previous edition of Manga Review Roulette. While it did garner some mixed opinions from the team here at Manga Worth Reading towers, I must admit I did have a lot of fun reading it and will be wishing it a fond farewell now that it’s reached its conclusion. Catch it before the curtain call when it drops on March 2nd!
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Shaman King: Marcos volume 1

Shaman King Marcos volume 1 manga release

Marco… Polo? The year of Shaman King continues with the final spin-off of the Shōnen spirit-fighting epic, finally seeing a western release. This side story focuses on the X-Laws, which sound like the closest thing you can get to a superhero team in the world of Shamans and Casters. Their leader, Marco, isn’t exactly available after the events of the main series, so it sounds like it’s time to get the band back together for a search party! I’m still relatively new to this series so far, but these spin-offs have a solid track record, and it’s another way to get hyped for the upcoming anime revival! Find out if this series could be your destiny (anime reference!) when it drops on March 9th!

Blue Lock volume 1

The beautiful game! Football (or Soccer, if you like to use the wrong name for it), is no stranger to manga, but this latest Shōnen sports series seems to be taking Japan by storm. In the hunt for a new ace striker to give the Japan National team the edge in the World Cup, the Japanese Football Union come up with the unique concept of creating a prison school… for football practice? It’s the training regime from hell! I suppose that explains the chains on the covers, then! To be the best out of 300 hopefuls and get a spot on the big team; first you gotta survive the experience! Lace-up your boots and rattle the chains when it drops on March 16th!

You can check out the rest of Kodansha Comics’ March releases here!

Yen Press March manga releases

Carole & Tuesday volume 2

Carole & Tuesday volume 2 March 2021 manga releases

Now you’re singing my kind of tune! The adaptation of the hit Studio Bones anime series returns for it’s the second and final volume. In the aftermath of their first tumultuous live performance, the dynamic acoustic duo of Carole and Tuesday relegalize they’ve got a long way to go, especially when they’re up against the artificially enhanced perfection of AI music. But it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, or the girls with a guitar and piano! I had a blast with the first volume and was incredibly impressed with how it conveyed music through a silent medium, so I’m looking forward to seeing how things all wrap up. Crank up the volume and move it to the music when it drops on March 23rd!

Do You Like the Nerdy Nurse? volume 1

Do You Like the Nerdy Nurse? volume 1 March 2021 manga releases

The Doctor is in! This charming little series details a new School Nurse arriving at Mitsugi Middle School. She’s a big dork who’s far too obsessed with manga and anime for her own good rather than being the prim and proper type. Sound relatable, much? Nurse Momoyama will talk about her obsessions to anybody who will listen, but lovestruck second year Kurita starts having problems when he realizes that’s all she wants to talk about! Think we could get her on as a guest writer for the website? Schedule for a checkup when it drops on March 2nd!

Please Put Them On, Takamine-san volume 1

Please Put Them On, Takamine-san volume 1 manga release

You want me to wear that? If the last suggestion filled up our wholesome quota for the month, this title definitely covers the saucy category. High school loser Shirota doesn’t have much going on in his life until he manages to stumble upon the illustrious Student Council President changing (of course he does). Now he’s roped into keeping her secret: She must change her underwear multiple times a day to control her time-bending powers, and she wants him to wear them too? What’s going on with Takemine, and why the sudden fascination with this peeping weirdo? What the heck are time-bending undies? You’ll have to read it to find out, I suppose! Lock the doors to your changing rooms when it drops on March 23rd!

You can check out the rest of Yen Press’s March releases here!

Seven Seas March manga releases

Ghostly Things volume 3

Ghostly Things volume 3 March 2021 manga

Don’t let this one spook you! Curious High Schooler Yachiho has finally cracked the code behind the Book of the Dead, but there are still big mysteries left to solve, and she’s not the only one looking for answers. Will all be revealed before time runs out? It’s the final volume of the series, so I certainly hope so! This series was part of a Manga Review Roulette that may or may not be stuck in purgatory, and it also garnered mixed opinions from the team. I wasn’t too crazy about it myself, but it sounds like the ball is finally rolling here. Perhaps it will leave a haunting final impression? Solve those pesky mysteries when it drops on March 30th!
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BL Metamorphosis volume 4

BL Metamorphosis volume 4 March manga releases

It’s guy love between two girls! This endearing series (one of Age of Boredom’s faves!) tells the tale of the unlikely duo of old-timer Ichinoi and High Schooler Urara bonding together over a shared passion of Boys Love Manga. While Boy’s Love is known for it’s steamier moments, this series trades the sauciness for heartwarming wholesomeness and delectable slice of life action. In this latest volume, the girls put their BL fandom to good use to put together a manga of their own. Maybe one day they’ll make the new releases list themselves! Share the love when it drops on March 30th!
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Otaku Elf volume 1

Otaku Elf volume 1 manga release

This Elf’s shelf is packed with culture! It seems we are two for two with adorable nerdy girls in manga this month, but this one has a fantasy twist! Koito is just your everyday High School girl and Shrine Maiden, who also happens to be in charge of catering for a gaming-obsessed mystical elf! Can Elf’s get high scores? What’s the wi-fi connection like at a shrine? Quirky misadventures await this unlikely co-op duo and the new companions they’ll make along the way! Level up your friendship when it drops on March 23rd!

You can check out the rest of Seven Seas’ March releases here!

Kaiten Books March manga releases

Welcome to the Outcast’s Restaurant volume 1

Welcome to the Outcast's Restaurant volume 1

Fantasy Food Wars! Do you think you have things rough? Poor Dennis is such a loveable guy that his boss kicks him out of the guild in a fit of jealously. It turns out the joke’s on them, as this silver lining gives Dennis the chance to pursue his real passion for cooking! One man’s midlife crisis is another’s heroic underdog tale, and Dennis is pulling together all his fellow exiles, starting with the young Atelier (Witch Hat attire not included). What type of patrons visits an eatery run by loners, for loners? Order up when it drops on March 12th!

You can check out Kaiten Books’ most recent releases in their update blog!

Square Enix Manga and Books March manga releases

Beauty and the Feast volume 1

Beauty and the Feast volume 1 March manga releases

Tale as old as thyme! Forlorn widow Yakumo has lost her passion for cooking until a chance encounter. Her high school baseballer neighbour Yamoto reveals a new cooking challenge, his bottomless stomach! As Yamoto fills his belly with his neighbour’s cooking, Yakumo opens her heart to loving life once more. Square Enix have a knack for these heartwarming slice of life series like My Dress-up Darling, so I’m already on board for more sweet wholesomeness. Don’t just take my word for it though, Try watching the trailer for the Japanese release and see if you can handle it without having your heart melt! Get ready for seconds when it drops on March 23rd!

You can check out the rest of Square Enix Manga and Books’ March Releases here!

That’s just some of the latest releases dropping in March, but there’s many more that are worth reading. Sound off in the comments with what you’re looking forward to and what you want us to check out next!

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