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May 2021 Manga Releases Worth Reading feature

May 2021 manga releases worth reading

What's new in the world of Manga this month?

May Day and much more manga! Luke here to get you up to speed on all the latest and greatest manga releases hitting this month. With the weather getting better, why not grab a Tankōbon or two to enjoy in the sun? Just watch out for those pages yellowing, unless you’re reading a phonebook! Do they still make phonebooks? Anyway, here are my suggestions for May 2021 manga releases worth reading!

Viz Media May manga releases

Undead Unluck volume 1

UNDEAD UNLUCK VOLUME 1 - May 2021 manga releases

Wicked Sick! May sees another recent Shonen Jump hit make its volume debut, and this one is as zany as it gets. Down on her luck (literally!) high schooler, Fuko has been cursed with her “Unluck” ability since childhood. Physical contact with anyone results in an unlucky end for them. That is until she bumps into the one person who can take a touching and keep on ticking, the immortal Andy with his “Undead” ability!

Despite an admittedly shaky start, this unconventional series continues to surprise me every week, and the Negators with their mysterious “Un” abilities are some of the craziest concepts I’ve seen in manga this side of Chainsaw Man! Make sure this volume is unavoidable when it drops on May 4th!

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 4 Diamond Is Unbreakable volume 9


Diamond’s aren’t forever! The fan-favourite Shōnen/Seinen series reaches the finale of part 4 of its epic saga. Things finally come to a head for Josuke and Morioh gang against the man who has been terrorizing their town for so long, Yoshikage Kira. It will be a battle of stands and wits that will determine the outcome!

The announcement that the equally wacky anime adaptation will continue with Stone Ocean and Part 5 making its manga debut in August, 2021 is already shaping up to be a banner year for Jojo fans. A welcome addition, considering this year is already plenty bizarre as it stands! Shine bright one last time when it drops on May 4th!

The Way of the Househusband volume 5


Don’t mess with the Dragon! The hilarious slice of life series featuring an ex-Yakuza boss handling housework the only way he knows how. Tatsu also recently made his anime debut as a Netflix original series. The adaptation received some strong criticism regarding its motionless animation style. Good thing we aren’t called Anime Worth Watching! The PowerPoint presentation approach was apparently favoured to reflect the manga feel, so we’re already in the right place with this volume. Suit up for stay-at-home shenanigans when it drops on May 18th!

You can check out the rest of Viz Media’s May 2021 manga releases here!

Kodansha May manga releases

Medalist volume 1

MEDALIST VOLUME 1 - May 2021 manga worth reading

Breaking the ice! Kodansha has been on a roll with their sports series recently, and this new title focusing on figure skating is set to continue the trend. Tsukasa and Inori might come from different backgrounds, but their persistence will see them through to the rink on the world stage! As a Seinen manga, this title may feature more mature themes and complex emotions than you might expect from the sports genre. Get your skates on when it drops on May 18th!

Yuri is my Job! volume 7

YURI IS MY JOB_ VOLUME 7 - May 2021 manga releases

Two weeks’ notice? the quirky Yuri comedy continues in May. After some emotional revelations from her Onee-San Mitsuki last volume, Hime is left feeling conflicted. Couple that with Mai returning to work in the café at last, and now she’s starting to wonder if she has any standing left in Liebe Girls Academy. Following the shocking revelation from that final page last volume, what’s next for Hime? Order up another round when it drops on May 18th! Amazon

Boys Run the Riot volume 1

BOYS RUN THE RIOT VOLUME 1 - May 2021 manga releases

A different kind of runway! This manga first caught my eye back in March when Kodansha released the first chapter digitally in celebration of International Transgender Day of Visibility. It was such a heartfelt and moving read that I knew the first volume would be a must-buy! High schooler Ryo only feels comfortable in boys clothes, as they are his way to express himself in a world where he can’t fit into other’s expectations. When new transfer student Jin surprises with a similar passion for fashion, the unlikely duo combine forces, taking the Streetwear world by storm!

Streetwear offers a much different look at the fashion world than the Haute couture of Smile Down the Runway, so you better brush up on your brands beforehand! This sincere tale from a Transgender creator will provide more representation in our manga, which is always a good thing. Run your own riot when it drops on May 25th!

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Yen Press May manga releases

Eniale & Dewiela volume 3

ENIALE & DEWIELA VOLUME 3 - May 2021 manga releases

A heavenly shopping spree! You wouldn’t think Angel Eniale and Demon Dewiela would get along, but a shared love for all things luxurious surpasses even the realms of Heaven and Hell! The final volume of the supernatural series by Kamome Shirahama of Witch Hat Atelier fame. I’m a big fan of her work, and I’ve been waiting for this concluding volume to hit before cracking open the series for myself. Hope for good omens when it drops on May 18th!

Hard-Boiled Stories from the Cat Bar


Sin kitty! It was just last month that we covered I’m the Catlords’ Manservant, and now we have even more cat capers to read! I have a feeling this publisher has a distinct feline focus. Kitty and Me is the place to be if you’re looking for hard liquor and fuzzy furballs, but what if it’s also the safe haven for your next target? For the cat lover hitman they call Undertaker, his next job is about to be more knotty than a ball of yarn! Get your filthy paws on it when it drops on May 18th!
Amazon | BookWalker

Uncle From Another World Volume 1

UNCLE FROM ANOTHER WORLD - May 2021 manga releases

The coolest uncles go medieval! Takafumi is shocked to hear his uncle has awakened from a coma after seventeen years. Imagine his surprise when the same uncle tells him that he spent all that time learning magic in a fantasy reality! I will admit that I’m not too big of an Isekai guy, but the concept of returning to the real world after an extended stay in magic land does make for a unique premise. Sit down for a story when it drops on May 18th!
Amazon | BookWalker

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Seven Seas May manga releases

Super Hxeros Volume 2

SUPER HXEROS VOLUME 2 - May 2021 manga

The sauciest superheroes around! This title combines the surefire hit of Power Ranger action with ecchi antics that would make even Batman blush. When Earth is invaded by the hostile Kiseichuu that feed off human lust, it’s up to the teens with the horniest “H-energy” of them all to fight back against the alien intruders! As outrageous and outlandish as the concept seems, the first volume’s firm tongue in cheek attitude entertained me enough to encourage another go around. Assemble for X-rated action when it drops on May 4th!
Amazon | BookWalker

Thigh High Reiwa Hanamaru Academy


Dummy thicc dudes! Just take a look at the cover. I’m not sure I can sell it much better than that already does, but I can sure try! At Hanamaru Academy, the dress code is cracked by burly biceps and glorious glutes! Giving new meaning to “If you’ve got it, flaunt it”, this body-positive bro fest promises memorable visuals at the very least! Ditch the slacks for skirts when it drops on May 11th! Amazon | BookWalker

Ride your Wave Manga

RIDE THE WAVE MANGA - May 2021 manga worth reading

Surfs up! The manga adaptation of the heart-warming 2019 movie (with a DVD release the following year), this manga recounts the tale of the whirlwind romance between surfer girl Hinako and charming firefighter Minato. A tragic accident leaves the young couple separated, but it’ll take a lot to pull these two hearts apart! Fans of the movie will undoubtedly be interested, but the promise of extra content beyond the film also intrigues. Grab your board (and your tissues) when it drops on May 11th!

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Square Enix Manga and Books May manga releases

I Think Our Son Is Gay Volume 1

I THINK OUR SON IS GAY VOLUME 1 - May 2021 manga releases

Master Detective! Square Enix has shown a knack for wholesome slice of life recently, as Beauty and the Feast proved back in March. We’re set for more cuteness here. Doting mother Tomoko is pretty sure her son is gay, but she wants bashful Hiroki to be comfortable himself before she goes and spills the beans. The problem is, Hiroki’s clumsy nature and inability to keep secrets means those beans are pretty much spilled as it is! An LGBTQIA+ family comedy, that is sure to provide plenty of hearty chuckles along with the adorable feels. Don’t keep it on the down-low when it drops on May 11th!

You can check out the rest of Square Enix Manga and Books’ May Releases here!

That’s just some of the latest releases dropping in May, but there’s many more that are worth reading. Sound off in the comments with what you’re looking forward to and what you want us to check out next!

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