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Office Lady Boobie Bonanza review feature image

Office Lady Boobie Bonanza! review

With a title like that, it has to be good

Office Lady Boobie Bonanza Cover
Release Date
February 14, 2021
Irodori Sakura
Story & Art
Maud Duke
Mercedes McGarry
Compiled and Formatted
Quality Assurance
On Takahashi/Zhuchka

Please note that Office Lady Boobie Bonanza! is an 18+ title. Do you like anime/manga breasts? If you’re reading this, the answer is probably “yes”. The answer is also “yes” for the two main characters in this doujin, which revolves around those mounds of love and controversy. As you may expect, Office Lady Boobie Bonanza is a yuri hentai doujin created by Mira and published by Irodori Sakura. But is it worth your time? Find out in our Office Lady Boobie Bonanza review!

What a lovely pair (aka the characters)

Maika and Aoi Office Lady Boobie Bonanza review

Aoi (dark hair) is a junior-level worker in an office. Maika (light hair) is her senior and has been dating Aoi in secret for some time.

Story bonanza

The story begins with Aoi and Maika working together. Although they date in secret, they seem like a happy couple. We see Aoi researching the perfect present for Maika’s birthday. Unfortunately, Aoi shows up empty-handed on Maika’s birthday.

Long hours have kept her from making it to the store on time, so she’ll have to give the gift that coming weekend. Aoi feels guilty, so Maika asks her for a kiss to make up for it. It’s a nice gesture. However, will a kiss make up for lack of a present?

Kiss Me Aoi Office Lady Boobie Bonanza review
Office Lady Boobie Bonanza spoilers

Office Lady Boobie Bonanza spoilers

Maika decides that what she wants is Aoi’s boobs, so the rest of this encounter is devoted to intense breast play. Without giving too much away, I’ll say that they both have big breasts, enjoy the play, and the results are satisfying for both (and, I’m sure, for anyone else who is reading).

This doujin is actually split into two. The first half is all about breast play. The second half takes place the following weekend, where Aoi finally gives Maika the birthday present, and more sex happens as a result. The fun stuff is more conventional in the second half of the doujin, but it’s just as hot as that in the first.

And, as the cover promises, there’s lovey-dovey stuff, too. You do feel like these two are a normal, happy couple who are just really into each other. I love that this brings a nice sweetness to the whole package.

And the art?

The art is nice. While not exactly realistic, but it doesn’t reach the caricature levels that you may see in other doujin (including Acting Up, another doujin I recently reviewed). In my opinion, it is hotter because of it.

Is “Office Lady Boobie Bonanza!” worth reading?  

If you’re looking for a combination of yuri, hentai, and breasts, then yes, absolutely. It ticks all three boxes. As most doujin are, it’s short, but it packs a lot of action into its pages. Plus, the two characters are likeable and have big boobs. What’s not to love?

You can get Office Lady Boobie Bonanza directly from Irodori Sakura.

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